Full range of broadcast production services.
Internet streaming.
Our streaming are carried out on the Internet platform which supports all advanced technologies: broadcasting to mobile devices, Facebook, Youtube, recording.
Rental FlyPacks and Special Cameras.
You can get from us FlyPacks, telescopic cranes,Polecam, Microcameras,Sliders and more.
Wedding and Bussines meetings
Work experience on corporations Top 10 companies in Russia and Weddings of the first persons.
Multycameras production
Our FlyPacks is ready to make up to 16 cameras and extra Cranes, remote heads and ets.
Live production concerts.
Organization of Live production and conducting concerts at all major venues in Russia with a population of up to 17,000 people
Сommercial Production
You can order from you commercial production including film cameras and Production Studios from 300 to 3000 m.

О нас

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Our company specializes in working on television and film projects. Technical and innovative maintenance of television projects, various cycle programs, concert footage, and many other large-scale television projects. In our company you can rent professional equipment with highly qualified personnel. We carry out maintenance and prevention of professional television equipment, installation of varying degrees of complexity.

Our employees have extensive experience with this equipment.
Best regards, Trust Media team

Main activities

  • Internet broadcasts
  • Сorporate videos
  • Broadcast
  • Сoncert

Photo of our projects

Our Projects

  • Ты супер.
    — НТВ
  • Мастер Шеф. Дети .
    — СТС
  • Русская Песня.
    — Концерт
  • Битва талантов.
    — Муз-ТВ
  • ТЭФИ.
    — ВГТРК
  • Щелкунчик
    — Культура

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